Birthdays CJSI
Birthdays! From April 2nd at 12:00pm through June 21st at 12:00pm

  Happy Birthday! 88.9 Shine FM would like to make your birthday special with Birthdays! Enter your own birthday or a birthday greeting to someone you love. E-mail with…

Canadian Bible Society
Win a Bible From October 2nd at 6:00am through October 26th at 4:00pm

Weekly Bible Giveaway

Love That Lasts From March 27th at 6:00am through April 10th at 5:00pm

What kind of advice were you given when you got married? Was it helpful? Did you pass it on to others? Well we want to know about it! Share what…

General Mills Giveaway From March 30th at 12:00am through April 3rd at 11:00pm

Who doesn’t love cereal and free t-shirts! This week- we’ve partnered with General Mills and are giving away gift bags filled with General Mills Cereal and some awesome other stuff….

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Send Your Kids to Camp! From March 30th at 6:00am through May 22nd at 5:00pm Tune in each week for your chance to qualify for the Camp of the Week! Summer Camp Listing > Featured Camp for Week of March 30: Salem Acres