Passport to Summer 2014
 Pick up your passport at any of our participating Locations! Participating Or...

Random Acts of Shineness
    How amazing is it when a complete stranger pays for your cup of ...


Passport to Summer Mini Live on Location: Wok Box Quarry Park
From July 28th at 11:06PM through July 30th at 11:06PM

Inglewood Sunfest 2014
Saturday, August 2nd from 11AM - 5PM


Evangelism School of Ministry
From April 26th at 7:25PM through July 31st at 9:25PM

Veronica Agyemang's Gospel CD Launching
Sunday, August 3rd from 6:30PM - 10:30PM


Hope For Life Christian Fellowship
Our style is casual but our passion is to help people experience the hope that following Jesus Christ can bring to every human life.  You are... Read More.

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