Passport to Summer 2014
 Pick up your passport at any of our participating Locations! Participating Or...

Random Acts of Shineness
    How amazing is it when a complete stranger pays for your cup of ...


Inglewood Sunfest 2014
Saturday, August 2nd from 11AM - 5PM

Passport to Summer Mini Live on Location: Harmony Music School
Tuesday, August 5th from 11AM - 5PM


Evangelism School of Ministry
From April 26th at 7:25PM through July 31st at 9:25PM

Veronica Agyemang's Gospel CD Launching
Sunday, August 3rd from 6:30PM - 10:30PM


Arise Canada
Our goal is to see lives awakened to God’s love in a way that renews passion for Him, restores personal purpose and releases hope to the world. ... Read More.

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