A few years back I was feeling like I was unloved or always the problem for people. I am a teenager and that’s usually when most of the extreme ups and downs happen in life and so I felt like I should just gather up my things and run away, never to come back. I felt so ashamed because of all my sins and regrets, I felt like I should feel like I was loved and blessed with this wonderful family and all these different things we had, but I just wanted to stay in this place of self-pity. At that time I was folding clothes and while I was thinking of these things something caught my eye: The words ‘You belong here’. I was kind of shocked to see that and I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t folded that shirt the way I had, for the words were on the shoulder of the shirt. But being so caught up in my own emotions I thought little of it and continued folding. Then the words popped up again (we had two of the same shirt) I definitely knew that this was no coincidence and realized that it wasn’t the shirt that was saying those words, it was God, encouraging me to keep going forward, to keep running the race, to keep loving and serving even when life seemed unfair. Peace and awe came to my soul at that very minute, and so I continue on!