My family and I live on a farm and the lot we live on didn’t have any permanent pastures before, and so my family and I would put up temporary pastures for our sheep with pallets.
One day I was feeling really low and wondered if God even listened to me anymore after all the sin I committed. I was out doing the pallets, and I was praying to the Lord, I was feeling broken and unworthy of Him but I asked Him if He could give me some sign that He still listened to me. I thought that could be anything, and so I asked Him specifically “Lord, please, if you are still listening to me, please, send out someone that will help me with the pallets.” I continued working on the pallets for about 5 minutes when Ben, my older brother, came over and started working on the pallets beside me. We worked together in silence for a few minutes before I turned to him and asked if someone had sent him out to help me (I thought that perhaps that was the reason he came) but then he told me he had not. He said, “No, I just saw you working out here alone, and I thought that you could probably use some help since you work out here alone a lot, but then I thought, ‘I got to get back to work'” (Ben works with our Dad in the programming industry) “but then I just kept getting this feeling like I ought to go out and help you and I would feel bad later if I didn’t, and so I came out.” I felt so moved by this. I truly knew at that point that God was still listening to me. I let Ben know what I asked the Lord, and he also took that to heart. I am so blessed to have the family I do and a Great God to rely on.
If you are feeling low, unloved, scared, lonely, the worst person on earth, let me tell you something. You are loved, you are not alone and you are not the worst person on earth, it is just Satan trying to pull you down and slowly kill your joy, hope and soul. Don’t let him do that, come into God’s loving embrace, ask him for forgiveness, take a deep breath, and get back out there.
Live Again.