Anne Marie

Hello..this story is not about me but what I have learned reading from the bible last couple months…
My Redeemer is: Who made me alive and able
Beautiful, Bright and Morning Star. Crucified, Compassionate and Caring Delightful and Destiny! Everlasting, Eternal and Exuberant
Faithful, Forgiving and a Friend, Great, Gracious, (full of) Glory
Honest, Humble (lives in) Heaven Infinite, Irresistible , * I AM *
Jealous, Just, Joy. King of Kings, Lord of lords
Loving, Life, Longevity. Merciful, Majestic and Mighty
New Life, Noble, Needed. Omnipotent, One and Only
Powerful, Peaceful and Pure. Quiet
Resurrected, Restorer and Righteous
Savior, Sincere, Shepherd
True, Trustworthy, Teacher. Understanding
Victorious, Valuable and Vigilant
Wonderful, Worthy, full of Wisdom
Xenodochial (the only word I had to google lol..meaning friendly to strangers)
Yahweh, Yearning, Zealous
He is my Lord and Saviour, He was, He is, He is to come, He is for everyone, everywhere at anytime, He lives in my heart and is My Redeemer, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Who shall Reign forevermore