Jeff Hanson

I’m a born, raised, and proud Edmontonian who’s wishing they could somehow bring back the dragon at West Ed. My worst weakness in life is pizza. But at least that’s given me the unemployable skill of being able to identify most slices I see to the brand that it came from.  Somehow in spite of that I’m known as the health and fitness guy at Shine. That might have something to do with losing 40 pounds since I started here (true story!). You may hear me mention the name Gunner from time to time. He’s my roommate… or more accurately my dog. Can you guess whether he’s a near record settingly large Great Dane or a tiny Maltese found on the side of the highway?

Instead of hearing my own voice all day I’d rather hear your stories! Therefore I have an open door policy on my show which means call or text anytime.