Robert McClure United Church

5510 – 26 Avenue NE,
Calgary, Alberta
T1Y 6S1
Robert McClure United Church
Phone: (403) 280-9500

Our Vision Statement:
Intentionally creating space for the Holy Spirit to set our hearts ablaze and burst out.

Our Affirming Ministry Faith Statement:
Creator God loves diversity
This love already includes YOU!
Believing that God has created each one to be unique,
we stand with all humanity and celebrate
its wonderful aspects, acknowledging diversity in
age, health, race, economic status, ethnicity, beliefs,
culture, gender identity, sexual orientation,
and whoever YOU are.
Through our experiences of God, and
our understanding that the ministry of Jesus
is to reconcile and make new,
we are intentionally creating safe space
where opportunities exist for all to participate,
according to their gifts and talents,
in the life, work and ministry of the church community.