Living Spirit United Church

629 49 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Living Spirit United Church
Phone: (403) 243-3180


We believe that God is love, that Jesus showed us how to include and value everyone and everything in all of creation. We believe that when we love we experience God’s presence.

VALUES: Our congregation has identified our top 3 values as COMPASSION, JOY, SPIRITUALITY

BELIEFS: GOD IS LOVE. (1 John 4: 8) This is our bottom-line and touchstone belief.

MISSION: To be a joyful community that loves God and enthusiastically embraces all people.

VISION: To BRIDGE THE GAPS of understanding in our society and overcome labels and assumptions between generations, between the marginalized and privileged, between religions, between races and species, between the sacred and secular, science and spirituality, between the whole human spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation.

We are open to studying universal spiritual truths and wisdom primarily through the teachings and life of Jesus, but also interested in other religions, theologians, spiritual messengers, science, the environment, and especially one another’s sacred stories.

Our elders hold much wisdom so we believe in listening and valuing their experience; they are vulnerable as they age so we try to support them through the stages of the aging process.

Families of all constellations need a safe place to strengthen and heal their spirits from the strain of human living, play together, enrich their intimate relationships, and to nurture and support all children, youth and young adults to prepare them for resilience and life.

We believe in loving all of God’s creation and in empowering those who have been pushed to the margins of society so that all people can seek to better their lives and enjoy an abundant and whole life. We strive to create the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven…a state of compassion, justice, peace, and wholeness, where everyone who wants to be, is included.