Christmas Miracles



Jackie’s Story

Jackie was in an abusive relationship, Jackie took her kids and left.  Determination and God keep her going.  Times are tough, but Jackie and her daughters are getting through this together. Please consider helping families, families just like Jackie’s to buy new tires for her vehicle to keep her and her family safe this winter.


Jen’s Story

To start 2020, Jen spent 2 months in the hospital.  When Covid hit, Jen lost her job.  Now she and her family struggle to make ends meet. Jen and her family of four need help. Please consider giving to Christmas Miracles to help families, families just like Jen’s who could truly use groceries to relieve some of the financial pressures of the holidays and beyond.


Zain’s Story

War caused Zain to move his family to Canada.  Zain works every-day, still, money is tight.  The idea of a Merry Christmas seems miles away; however Zain, his wife and their two children know they’re on the right path here in Canada. But times are incredibly tough. They just simply need a win. Need something positive, something to be joyful about. Please consider helping families, families just like Zain’s who could really use a family computer/laptop to help with their children with schooling and for their own work.


Sarah’s story

Sarah suffers from cerebral palsy, but always has a smile on her face.  Recently, Sarah’s dad had an accident and can’t work. The family remains united despite the challenges. Please consider helping families, families just like Sarah’s so they can afford to have a Christmas meal together as a family.


Kiera’s story

Because of an illness, Kiera’s mom can’t work.  Her dad left and they live on government assistance.  Still, they’re two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. Please consider helping families, families just like Kiera’s. Your donation will go to making sure this family has new, warm clothes to wear this winter.


David’s story

Pre-Covid, David provided for his family as a professional musician.  Bills are piling up and the normally busy Christmas season has way too many empty dates. David & his wife just welcomed a newborn. Please consider helping families, families just like David’s so they simply don’t have to stress over food and bills throughout Christmas.

More families coming soon…

Shine family, together we can make miracles happen this Christmas. Thank you for being a part of Christmas Miracles 2020!
God Bless, Merry Christmas!